Minimum Response

Release of all Romney tax returns back to 1999 may not be necessary.  The minimum information voters deserve is reliable assurance that active investor status was not claimed for Bain Capital or related entities by Romney for 1999, 2000, or 2001.  If there was no active claim then tax evasion is unlikely.

A panel of discrete experts trusted by everyone could settle the active/passive issue by looking at the returns, holding a press conference, and publishing a report.  I suggest Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson backed up by a team of tax experts.  The panel could also summarize year-by-year gross income, deductions, taxable income, and effective tax rate paid by Mr. Romney.  If the rate is very low, he may be proud of his tax dodging accomplishment but must take responsibility for how little he contributes to America’s needs relative to his financial capacity.

Mr. Romney, please clear this up.  There is room for your explanation below in Comments section of each page.  Maybe you realized your mistake and re-filed the years in question when you became governor of Massachusetts?  Release copies of those amended returns and I will gladly apologize.  Also, please send me any information you may have that Mr. Obama underpaid his taxes so I can pick on him too.


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