Hello world!

World!  You missed the real issue in Romney taxes.  I filed official IRS whistleblower forms July 24, 2012.  They are Form 211 Application for Award for Original Information and Form 3949A Information referral.  The first version of this website went up July 27.

Forget about the last ten years of tax returns.  The tax-fraud bombshell is in years 11, 12, and 13.  It is probably massive and disqualifies him from holding any public office, much less the Presidency.

Tax fraud is a serious accusation but requires only one assumption:  That America’s most aggressive tax dodger took advantage of the IRS when he could.  A tax dodge can be legal or illegal.  In this case, one of his attorneys says Romney was “going limited” at Bain sometime in 2001.  Before that he must have been a general partner who could claim huge tax breaks.  Romney’s sworn statement of no “active role” means this particular tax dodge was illegal.

Now, I am certain Romney will protest.  But his protest would be baseless.  All I have done is strive to reach the same standards Romney uses in some of his political ads and speeches.  You have to accept a lot of assumptions for those statements to be true.  I have made only one assumption and it is a good one.  I also tell you the assumption; Romney does not.